API / Wordpress plug-in

Firstly, login into your wordpress, open the plugin tab and search for Raudhah Pay For Woocommerce in the search tab or click here . After that install the plugin.

After that, activate the RaudhahPay plugin (In the picture, the plugin was already activated).

Navigate to Woocommerce >> settings >> payments >> RaudhahPay and click "Manage".

'For production purposes, use this link in the service URL: https://api.raudhahpay.com/api

For sandbox / staging purposes, please use this link instead: https://stg-api.raudhahpay.com/api
Please bare in mind that account in the RaudhahPay’s production can’t be used for RaudhahPay’s sandbox / staging and vice versa. You can register here.

Insert RaudhahPay’s service URL according to your intended purpose, your API Access token, API Signature Key and Collection ID then click "Save changes".

In Raudhah Pay website, Take your API Access token and API Signature Key in organization setup tab (API).

For the Webhook and Redirect URL, change the highlighted URL with your website domain name.

Webhook URL is using POST method, to notify the user about the transaction.

Redirect URL is using GET method, to redirect the user to the FPX page.

In Raudhah Pay website, Take your Colection ID code in Collections & Bills.


This section is optional, please fill up the reference if you have any.